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Again, Bob Welch can’t resist mentioning the exploding whale in this column from May 2004. The relevant passage has been highlighted.

Temporary span stands up to deck test

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Register-Guard

Tuesday, as I stood beneath the new Interstate 5 detour bridge being built over the Willamette River, here were my thoughts:

A. This is just like my deck project, only bigger.

B. If that 65-ton, 115-foot concrete beam being hoisted into place were to fall on me, I doubt this yellow plastic hard hat would help much.

C. People who build big things are cool.

Springfield’s Hamilton Construction Co. is building this temporary bridge. It is the largest “temporary” thing I’ve seen since I discovered that exploding-whale video on the Web.

Only the bridge doesn’t look or feel very temporary. Or like it might explode.

The temporary “work bridge” Hamilton built just above river level is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of cranes that can hoist 110 tons. The 56 concrete pilings holding up the main bridge are….


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