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    tracy from ridgefield nj on
    Thu Dec 30 13:01:16 US/Pacific 1999

  • there are few problems that cannot be solved by the proper application of high explosives, this was NOT one of those problems
    david schnyer from vermont USA <gunnera4 (at)>
    Mon Dec 27 17:51:34 US/Pacific 1999

    a from b USA <blastedbutt (at)>
    Sat Dec 18 18:19:19 US/Pacific 1999

  • Please update your video links. the videos appear to be available at the ftp site, but not at that location. Thanks. Kent.
    Kent Hendrix from Provo/UT USA <kah (at)>
    Thu Dec 16 14:19:52 US/Pacific 1999

  • I am from INDIA and we give our elephants a decent burial.
    NAVEEN from OHIO USA <>
    Wed Dec 15 13:07:22 US/Pacific 1999

  • - BG from Ship Bottom,NJ USA <>
    Tue Dec 14 16:49:55 US/Pacific 1999

  • This site kicks ass! The only problem I have with it are all the whiners who complain about the method of removal. The animal was freakin’ dead! It didn’t care what happened! For that matter, neither would I. If anyone wants to blow my corpse up for kicks, let them.
    Jason Hiebert from Lincoln NE USA <jhiebert (at)>
    Tue Dec 14 9:25:05 US/Pacific 1999

  • This story is taking the piss, but on a more serious note it shows the mentality and shear tactical brilliancce of the nation who had their fingers over the black button in the 80’s -> Jezus but we’re all in the shit now……….American gimps……
    Ozymandias from or USA <gimp (at) gimp.gimp>
    Sat Dec 11 11:40:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • i dimly remember hearing about the whale in the news at the time, reading your account of it i sat back and roared. “to err is human, but to really screw up you need a committee”
    dave schnyer from brattleboro, vermont USA <gunnera4 (at)>
    Sat Dec 4 15:36:41 US/Pacific 1999

  • This frigin kicks @$$
    Steve Toboz from Trenton USA <Nikeo02 (at)>
    Thu Dec 2 11:45:33 US/Pacific 1999

  • Reading the story and watching the video, I couldn’t help but laugh till I started to hurt. But what I found more funny was the feedbacks by individuals, whining and crying about how horrible this is and that it should be removed. The internet is an endless source of entertainment.
    segmond from detroit USA on
    Wed Dec 1 15:48:39 US/Pacific 1999

  • I couldn’t believe what I was reading! i have been in fits of laughter all afternoon.
    margaret from Bath uk <adsmhr (at)>
    Wed Nov 24 9:14:21 US/Pacific 1999

  • Do you have any life at all?
    Bod Jakuv from Lexington, VA USA <@Idunno>
    Wed Nov 24 5:28:16 US/Pacific 1999

  • How funny is that- how could people be so stupid to not realise that using a 1/2 ton of dynamite would cause serious carnage!!! I’m still laughing.
    Jody from New South Wales Australia on
    Sat Nov 20 20:51:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • - LK from Milan,MI USA <>
    Sat Nov 20 16:14:13 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is the most moronic thing I have ever heard of. I cannot believe that this project was put into the hands of of highway officials. What a humiliation to the State of Oregon!!
    Sydney LeDonne from Spring, Texas USA <>
    Fri Nov 19 7:34:29 US/Pacific 1999

  • I for one could care less about whales being blown up.. Don’t the natives eat the things anyway? The other day my huge Bernese Mountain Dog (Show-us-the- money- is his registered name)attacked a small Poodle and nearly torn the little thing apart. I threaten to call Hillary’s Dog Gestapo Squad. But if my dog (SUTM)wants to rip up another dog.. well, that is the way it is..You’ins is weak american wimps crying in yo’ green tea.-Larry
    Thu Nov 18 12:09:36 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hallo: while the liberal leftist cry about animals destruction, what about the human ssacrifices made every day (up to 7,000) in name of “pro-choice”(pro-abortion). C’mom America, you are going to get us nuked out! Ban the LIBERALS!SAINT JONA
    saint jona from salt lake city USA <>
    Thu Nov 18 12:03:42 US/Pacific 1999

  • itze isnt zaire gutted! numeinonphint! Zei – nein! Muchen zei. gointented, maityioepoin gieterui. noinnesatinuited! — eruguif siht tuo! Smucker
    wilderman from salt lake city USA <>
    Thu Nov 18 12:00:13 US/Pacific 1999

  • i have never heard of the exploding whale before… it has had to be one of the dumbest things i have ever heard. funny, but dumb, very dumb.
    Gina from NS Canada on
    Sun Nov 14 8:35:42 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think this film is morbid and has no need to be on the internet. To find humor in mutalating an animal, dead or alive, is frankly sickning and repulsive. If you have nothing better to do with your time than to make fun of and event that is so inhumane, you need to go and get yourself some psychological help. I am an 18 year old college student and seem to have more maturity that a man or your age and intellect. I would hope in the future you would consider what you are putting on the internet and making accesable to childrens eyes. The people that find this funny, Are you the people we want our children to look up to? What role models, you think it is funny that a whale was blown up in front of many people and now is available for any one to gain access to. I am so glad the maturity level in our adults is so high and respected.
    amber smith from Muncie In. U.S <>
    Fri Nov 12 12:31:17 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hell, the poor bloke is dead. I think ti’s funny as hell. Why be moralistic?
    Dee from Colorado USA on
    Sat Nov 6 13:31:02 US/Pacific 1999

  • What a funny incident it must have been to be watching from a distance. Whale blubber flying all over the place. Anyways, it just goes to show that man in his own wisdom most certainly can’t solve problems by himself. He always, more or less, comes up with solutions without properly thinking through more thoroughly and thus bring disaster upon himself. Too bad this is a well-known fact. But certainly funny when thought about…hehehe!!
    Cornelius Yee from Manchester UK <>
    Sun Oct 31 1:09:18 US/Pacific 1999

  • Like you, Steven, I first read “The Far Side Comes to Life in Oregon” in an e-mail that traveled the ‘Net after being posted to Alt.Folklore.Urban so I’ll corroborate your story there. I think I rec’d said e-mail in 1992–about the time the Web was “born.” A few years later, when the subject came up in conversation, I went searching and found your site! Wow! Now we had pictures to go with the story! What a thrill! Thank you for taking the time to create this web site, thank you for keeping it fresh (!), and thanks to U Oregon for hosting it! I’ve sent many a newbie here and to the Smithsonian. It’s the best way I know to demonstrate the breadth of the web… Mary
    Mary B. Williams from Boston, PA USA <mary (at)>
    Fri Oct 29 12:54:09 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Dottie Hyatt from Kingsport, TN USA <dhyatt (at)>
    Fri Oct 29 7:57:14 US/Pacific 1999

  • Excellent! Just when I needed cheering up I stumbled upon this piece of trivia, my sides are now aching from laughing so much.
    Mark Alexander from Alberta Canada <aqmsatsa (at)>
    Thu Oct 28 13:35:05 US/Pacific 1999

  • Whose the idiot who thought dynamite was the best thing to use. He should be fired and made to pick up the mess all by himself. A small nuke would have been better. All kidding aside, There are large machines which could have done the job.
    Steve T from Rhode Island USA <>
    Thu Oct 28 6:33:47 US/Pacific 1999

  • This has to be one of the coolest pages on the net! I can’t belive they actually blew up a whale!
    Brian Rempel from Denver, CO USA <brempel (at)>
    Sun Oct 24 23:11:33 US/Pacific 1999

  • I live just 8 miles from where this happened.We too thought it was funny that the attempt to remove the carcass failed so completely. But this was on a public beach and something had to be done. In 1977, 41 sperm whales beached themselves not far from where this lone whale beached. YES, I said 41!!!!!I have many photos and as I recall there were no such problems this time. But it was a major undertaking (no pun intended). Though the story of the dynamite blow up is humorous, the fact that these magnificent leviathins beach themselves, sometimes in large numbers is both mystifying and sad.Local Florence Oregon paper is the Siuslaw News, I’m sure that you curious folks could get information regarding the mass beachig from them or the Eugene Register Guard. Thanks for the website. Really folks, Florence and the entire central coast offers much more than whale watching. Check us out!!!!!!!
    Gail Haydter from Westlake, Oregon USA <>
    Thu Oct 21 0:41:25 US/Pacific 1999

  • this site is cool. i think it is hilarious that some one actually did that. do you know where i could get a copy of the tape
    steve mata from stockbridge, mi usa <stmata (at)>
    Wed Oct 20 14:26:27 US/Pacific 1999

  • What a great idea!-except for the fact that you are a bunch of sick, twisted, bastards and I hope the whale comes back from the dead to kill your children and eat your skin and genitalia p.s. great idea!
    Daniel Neal from Banbury, Oxfordshire England <chinkytwat (at)>
    Wed Oct 20 1:41:13 US/Pacific 1999

  • chink shags arse
    David Ridler from Banbury, Oxfordshire United Kingdom <chinkytwat (at)>
    Wed Oct 20 1:40:52 US/Pacific 1999

  • chink shags arse
    David Ridler from Banbury, Oxfordshire United Kingdom <chinkytwat (at)>
    Wed Oct 20 1:40:04 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that what you did was highly imorral
    David Ridler from Banbury, Oxfordshire United Kingdom <chinkytwat (at)>
    Wed Oct 20 1:39:42 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that what you did was highly imorral
    David Ridler from Banbury, Oxfordshire United Kingdom <chinkytwat (at)>
    Wed Oct 20 1:38:43 US/Pacific 1999

  • What a great idea!-except for the fact that you are a bunch of sick, twisted, bastards and I hope the whale comes back from the dead to kill your children and eat your skin and genitalia p.s. great idea!
    Daniel Neal from Banbury, Oxfordshire England <chinkytwat (at)>
    Wed Oct 20 1:33:04 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Bryan Horning from Elberton GA USA <horndog912 (at)>
    Mon Oct 18 9:58:14 US/Pacific 1999

  • this had to be the funniest thing I have ever read! I mean the whale WAS dead already..lighten up people! Right up there with the “WKRP” episode where they dropped the live turkeys out of the plane thinking they could fly! LMAO!!!
    Barbara from Kingston, MA USA <>
    Fri Oct 15 19:13:51 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Barbara from Kingston, MA USA <>
    Fri Oct 15 19:08:30 US/Pacific 1999

  • I really think that what you did was very unfair!!! I mean the poor whale was stuck on the shore and could not get off that was bad enough, but here you come and blowing things up! The whale knew he was going to die so why could you have not let him rest in peace!!!! But you had to come and blow the poor animal up! BUT HERE YOU COME AND BLOW THINGS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be the one to get stuck on the shore and weigh 8 tons and have some whale come and blow you up! And lets see how you like it!!!!! And if I ever see you I will glue you to the shore and blow you up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, The Whale
    Ramanda and Kenny from Auxier David Kentucky Central america <>
    Fri Oct 15 11:45:04 US/Pacific 1999

  • A very interesting story which goes to prove that even the best laid plans do not necessarily succeed.
    Angela Gilbert from ACT Australia <>
    Wed Oct 13 22:13:13 US/Pacific 1999

  • Even though the story is true,I say that was a cruel and inhumane thing to do to the poor creater. There could have been another way to do this(more humane thing).
    Sarah from weir,ks usa <angel_eyez_2 (at)>
    Wed Oct 13 16:37:10 US/Pacific 1999

  • I’m glad that the whale blew up, I was the one that put dinamite up its arse, the funny thing was that Kenneth was bumming it, so it didn’t go all the way up. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    Hotdevil666 from Reading England <hotdevil666 (at)>
    Tue Oct 12 0:11:10 US/Pacific 1999

  • Just wanted to mention that it is a great story and it is very true even though people don’t believe it. I am a member of a stranding network in texas and this story of the exploading whale is in our protocol book under “What not to do when a whale strands!”
    Candice Mottet from Corpus Christi, TX USA <dolphin_mmc (at)>
    Mon Oct 11 21:10:40 US/Pacific 1999

  • My entire physics class thinks this video is funny as hell. We calculated, in class, the blast radius of the whale using the basic physics tools that we studied. Also, I donât think the humor behind this movie is blowing up the whale, but showing how stupid people can be.
    John Ericksen from Bellingham, WA USA <crazyjohn (at)>
    Thu Oct 7 15:35:16 US/Pacific 1999

  • the thing was 8 tons! you couldent just drag it off or something, it was way to big. It was already dead, so they didnt have to wory about being nice too it. But DAMN! 1/2 a ton of TNT? Maby they should have used more.
    Kenny696 from Felton Ca USA <>
    Tue Oct 5 15:38:41 US/Pacific 1999

  • could you ask if they might use dynamite on the white house next? or possibly some french tourists on a bus. evil but all in the aid of public humour
    wee scot from cambridge United Kingdom <>
    Tue Oct 5 8:39:25 US/Pacific 1999

  • that was the most amusing video i have ever seen in all my life. what the hell are these whale enthusiasts talking about. it was DEAD. its not like they were blowing up a live whale.
    wee scot from cambridge United Kingdom <>
    Tue Oct 5 8:35:32 US/Pacific 1999

  • You all think it’s funny to see a whale blown up!!! Well my daughter is a whale enthusiast & would shudder if she saw how many think it is funny to blow up even a dead whale. Do we have that many people in our society that think it is funny to dispose of an animal by blowing it up??? Didn’t anybody think that there would be remains showering back to earth??? What a stupid idea!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!
    barney from Endicott/Ny USA <>
    Fri Oct 1 19:29:48 US/Pacific 1999

  • “Moby” everyone should stop their blubbering… I mean, everybody’s seen a blowfish.”
    Bill Thurman from Mounds/Oklahoma USA <porky (at)>
    Mon Sep 27 13:27:41 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Michelle H. from Beaverton, OR USA on
    Mon Sep 27 12:32:01 US/Pacific 1999

  • Brilliant, only a bunch of bureaucrats could ever think it might work…
    Jo from London UK <>
    Sat Sep 25 13:49:22 US/Pacific 1999

  • Ah..yes the human race not exactly very intellegent. Go figure there are those who get enjoyment out of this. What a waste of space you people are.
    Stephanie from PA USA <charles-stephanie (at)>
    Fri Sep 24 17:04:49 US/Pacific 1999

  • Dude thts just not right how about i find your fat mum and blow her up ya peice of monkey trash
    bill paul from ladysmith b.c canada <@duck 411>
    Fri Sep 24 12:19:31 US/Pacific 1999

    JEN from CALGARY CANADA <hottiej (at)>
    Wed Sep 22 9:44:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Mike Walter from Auburn, IN US <mikewalter (at)>
    Sat Sep 18 10:59:23 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hey, I’ve always loved this story, but your site truly does it justice! For those who think that there is something immoral going on here, I doubt that I could find the words to convince them otherwise. Ignore them, you’ve done a great job!
    Darren G from Manitoba Canada on
    Fri Sep 17 8:10:26 US/Pacific 1999

  • Seeing this brought it all back for that was my car those government bastards blubberd an they didnt give me any compensation(sob)
    Chris Cantrill from W. Yorkshire United Kingdom <>
    Fri Sep 17 1:17:49 US/Pacific 1999

  • LMAO. I love whales and stuff, but this was hilarious!!! LMAO. Ha ha. yeah, they should use dynamite on a lot of other things. Dynamite kicks ass.LMAO.
    Cortney Davis(aka Psyche Omega or Satan69) from Orono, Maine USA <Satan69 (at)>
    Thu Sep 16 5:24:22 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hilarious! A guy downloaded this at work, and the entire development effort ground to a halt ’cause we all had to see what he was laughing about. The aftermath is the best part — all that gore raining down on their heads. It’s almost biblical!
    Trevor Conn from Atlanta, GA USA <tsconn (at)>
    Wed Sep 15 9:01:15 US/Pacific 1999

  • This video has been circling the email airwaves for a long time… I had no idea there was a web site dedicated to it! Excellent!! As far as the whiners go, get over it… if you weighed 8 tons (and maybe you do!) someone’d probably have to detonate your a$$, too! Perhaps, though, the Oregon DOT should have tried another approach… see the following links… you won’t be dissapointed!
    ByteMyNutz from Cleveland/OH USA <bytemynutz (at)>
    Tue Sep 14 7:41:33 US/Pacific 1999

  • This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen for a long time. Black humour from life.
    stew dean from london United Kingdom <stew (at)>
    Sat Sep 11 8:51:46 US/Pacific 1999

  • Unbelievable! What were they thinking??? Weird, Weird, Weird.
    JoAnn from Brookhaven USA <>
    Fri Sep 10 13:30:17 US/Pacific 1999

  • No comments. Just a great site. Keep up yhe good work.
    Manuel Portugal from Lisboa Portugal <manuel.portugal (at)>
    Tue Aug 31 11:14:48 US/Pacific 1999

  • Very funny site, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed to comments from people who said “You shouldn’t kill animals.” And “Whales are mammals like us. Would you want that done to humans?” All I can say is if you are that stupid the answer is yes. The whale could have been blown up effectively if done the right way. I don’t know what movie this analogy was used it, but if anyone does, get back to me. If you have a stick of dynamite in your hand and you leave your hand open, then you use the other hand and close your fist around it. Which is worse? The hand that is closed. Scientists needed to implant the dynamite inside the whale, not lay it beside the whale. That is basic physics.
    Meg from Storrs, CT USA <>
    Mon Aug 30 6:22:54 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Meg from Storrs, CT USA <>
    Mon Aug 30 6:07:55 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Meg from Storrs, CT USA <>
    Mon Aug 30 6:07:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • That made my whole day. Very interesting. Thank you for that so un-mundane information !
    Gnatmonger from Cheyenne, Wy USA <>
    Sat Aug 28 10:08:01 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is in response to Rachael Blair from Southland, New Zealand: Hey Rachael. The whale DID atempt a burial at sea! But, obviously it didn’t work! This story is about the amazing ability humans have for stupidity, not cruelty to animals! And remember, the thing was already dead. Humans didn’t KILL it, they just tried they’re best(?) to dispose of it. Lighten up, tree hugger! P.S. When using the letter “i” in reference to yourself, capitalize it!
    Mike Schmidt from North Dakota USA <schmidty_nd (at)>
    Thu Aug 26 22:54:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • the blubber killed my baby! the blubber, i tell you! those pesky vermin, exploding that whale! the blubber, i tell you! it fell from the sky!
    ron “glasscow” jeremy from pennsylvania USA <bulbyheadtodd (at)>
    Thu Aug 26 14:27:47 US/Pacific 1999

  • Heh Heh. You know what’s funnier then the video? All the lamer comments about how wrong it is to blow up a dead whale. I really don’t think a smelly, dead rotting corpse cares how it is disposed of. I mean, once you’re dead, you’re just another inanimate object.
    Emotional Hooligan from Darwin Australia on
    Wed Aug 25 16:35:04 US/Pacific 1999

  • What I don’t understand is all the STUPID comments saying this is cruel. The whale was ALREADY DEAD. Hey I have an idea. Let’s nuke gay whales for Jesus
    Chris from Sydney Australia on
    Wed Aug 25 16:24:27 US/Pacific 1999

  • I have a personal connection to this story, although I heard it for the first time first leaned about it perhaps only ten years ago. My Father (now retired) worked for many years for Oregon DOT, and is a friend of the genius who dreamed up the disposal idea. I was only 6 at the time, however, and do not remember the real-time occurance. What I can add, however, is that the explosion in no way actually succeeded in the “disposal” of the whale. Afterwards, the highway department had to come back in and bury it under the sand with a bulldozer. The stench lasted well into the following year.
    BG from Seattle USA on
    Mon Aug 23 14:01:50 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Carol Gibson from Santa Rosa, CA USA <cgibson (at)>
    Mon Aug 23 13:42:03 US/Pacific 1999

  • Oh man, this is great. All the tree hugger/whale lovers whining about the cruelty of it all. Heh, I kinda hope that when I die, my wife will have the sense of humor to stack me on top of a half-ton of dynamite, and launch me into orbit. What an ending. And hey, Shannon, unfortunately, that wasn’t your ex-wife blasted into vapor. Shame.
    KTM from Vienna VA USA <siglite (at)>
    Wed Aug 18 19:07:44 US/Pacific 1999

  • To all of you who find this website offensive, LIGHTEN UP!! The story isn’t making fun of whales, it’s about human beings and the crazy things we sometimes do. We need more humor like this and less trash on the internet.
    Carolyn from Florida USA <>
    Wed Aug 18 13:14:05 US/Pacific 1999

  • I’ve been to that beach. And at dusk, when the wind is just right. you can still hear the cry of the whale’s ghost pleaing — no no no, please don’t blow up my big smelly carcass! i’m so comfortably dead and rotting and smelly. let the birds peck at my body! please, let the bacteria swell me to unbelievable proportions! let the sun bake my hide, turning it rock hard. please don’t blow me up. . . i want to rot! i want to rot! I cried. . . i tell you. i cried for the whale. but mostly i cried for the children.
    ghost of the whale (such tragedy) from oregon USA <ghost of the whale.>
    Wed Aug 18 11:11:13 US/Pacific 1999

  • Everyone wants to laugh at the whale, speak of the whale and its exploded bits humorously, disrespectfully, but do you or the visitors to your page know anything about sperm whales? I’m NOT knocking a normal human reaction to a bizarre occurrence, but why not include some links to pages about whales? Aren’t you and the visitors to your page at all curious about the WHALE? (What did it really look like on the beach? What would it have felt like to touch it? How did it die in the ocean before washing up on the beach? How old was it? Did any marine biologists look at the whale before it was blown to chunks and desecrated?) I’ve checked all the Exploding Whale sites, and can’t find a thing about whales. Perhaps as a site with a university address, you should go one better than all the others and provide some whale links.
    ModernScribe from St. Louis USA on
    Tue Aug 17 19:47:33 US/Pacific 1999

  • can anyone refer me to a good proctologist??
    Leroy Thompson from Waco, TX USA on
    Tue Aug 17 17:57:52 US/Pacific 1999

  • can anyone refer me to a good proctologist??
    Leroy Thompson from Waco, TX USA on
    Tue Aug 17 17:57:13 US/Pacific 1999

  • CautionöWet Floor!
    Gary Hoffman from Natick USA on
    Tue Aug 17 17:52:34 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is without doubt one of the best video clips I have ever seen. To hell with the environmentalists I mean, the bloody thing is dead anyway.Pure comic class!!!!
    The laughing plankton from Doncaster Uk on
    Tue Aug 17 15:03:00 US/Pacific 1999

  • I can’t believe what you did. I thought this page would be enviromentally friendly. I’m disgusted and amazed to see you idoits bragging about this poor whale. You idoits take stuff for granted. I’m i don’t find it funny, but if i was a whale even a dead one i would apperciate being buried at sea. later
    Rachael Blair from Southland New Zealand <cujoblair (at)>
    Tue Aug 17 13:15:52 US/Pacific 1999

  • We saw this on TV a few months ago and almost died laughing! When I found the site my friend and I started all over again, and are still rolling on the floor. If I was ANY ONE of the state people involved in this incident, I would have changed my name and moved to another state. Every time there was a gathering or you walked into the local Tavern, “Hey did you guys here about the time……………” One final note to all the people who thought it was horrid to do this to a poor whale, IT WAS ALREADY DEAD!! HELLO????????
    Stella Ross from Kailua-Kona, Hi USA <>
    Sun Aug 15 19:18:07 US/Pacific 1999

  • First lets consider the fact that the whale was already dead.It was not executed on the beach. Second,as we all know,the law of coservation of matter precludes anything from disappearing completely.There is simply no way to easily dispose of a whale carcass, a well known fact to all those who live on the coast. Humor is defined as the juxtaposition of non-congruent facts.In this case, it is the presence of spectators that creates the illusion of humor. My hat is off to you for giving people a chance to lighten their psychic load in a non-judgemental arena.Finally, lets remember that life on earth began on the beach and will possibly end there for many species. Thank you
    Chris Lo Pinto from Laytonville,C.A. USA <clopinto (at)>
    Fri Aug 13 23:08:50 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think what you are doing is wrong and gross. How would you feel if when you were dead or whatever and someone came along and put explosives beside you.
    Rachael from Indiana USA <>
    Wed Aug 11 8:19:13 US/Pacific 1999

  • Great story. But does it point to new ways of disposing of humans? Makes burial and cremation a bit tame. We could try it out on the some Oregan officials but keep cars well clear. There would be hard bits flying about.
    Bill McCallum from LONDON UK <>
    Thu Aug 5 4:24:28 US/Pacific 1999

  • Thanks loads for allowing me to relive this humerous incident. Myself and 3 others were watching the local news when this story was first aired. We laughed until we cried. Trouble is no one else saw the news item so they thought we were crazy. If I remember correctly there was a short interview with the poor soul who had the 50# of blubber land on his car. All we could think about was how would you explain this to your insurance co.?
    Air Bear 1 from Belton, Tx USA on
    Wed Aug 4 9:18:41 US/Pacific 1999

  • Great story. But does it point to new ways of disposing of humans? Makes burial and cremation a bit tame. We could try it out on the some Oregan officials but keep cars well clear. There would be hard bits flying about.
    Bill McCallum from LONDON UK <>
    Sat Jul 31 17:26:09 US/Pacific 1999

  • I wonder who was the person who engineered this plan and if he admitted to it after the fact.”Real Brainy plan”!!!Ha!Ha!
    Sat Jul 31 6:44:58 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Beth from Indianapolis, IN USA <beth_patrick (at)>
    Thu Jul 29 15:27:36 US/Pacific 1999

  • In Response to Theresa & Chelle from Singapore, Would you rather rot on a beach and have people smell you until you’re fully decomposed.
    Seth (again) from illinois USA on
    Mon Jul 26 21:59:38 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is one of the most hilarious video clips I have ever seen. With that aside, I would like to indicate that all of the other people who wrote in and said that it was a very “sick” way to kill an innocent animal are basically ignorant and for the lack of a more mature word, stupid. The animal had beached itself on the sand and died. Sure it’s unfortunate that the whale died but things like that happen. The dynamite was used in an attempt to dispose of the whale’s rotting body. Of course, another method should have been pursued!
    Seth from illinois USA on
    Mon Jul 26 21:57:08 US/Pacific 1999

  • Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh………………………………kewl
    X from CA United Kingdom <je>
    Mon Jul 19 6:40:08 US/Pacific 1999

  • We think that you people are sick. Even though the whale was dead, that was no way to dispose of it. Think about it : if you were dead, would you wanna get blown up so that people could get rid of u and get a laugh out of it? Whales are mammals, and so are we, so.. that was still no excuse for blowing up the whale. :P:P:P:P
    Theresa & Chelle from Singapore Singapore <tza (at)>
    Fri Jul 16 23:36:12 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Ryvenlyon from Tx USA <Ryvenlyon (at)>
    Tue Jul 13 19:19:37 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Mark from Phoenix, AZ USA <>
    Mon Jul 12 23:59:58 US/Pacific 1999

  • For those of you who were complaining about this story, THE WHALE WAS DEAD!! They didn’t kill it by blowing it up. Learn to comprehend what you read. To the rest, it is sad that the whale died, however, the choice of removal was hilarious. But I’ll leave you with this thought,do they still let these people handle dynamite? 🙂
    Megan from New Hampshire USA <>
    Fri Jul 9 21:00:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is soo funny, I can see the resemblense of a whale to a multilaned freeway. Hmm. Neways, thanks for the laugth.
    Super Elmo from New South Wales Australia <elmomonster (at)>
    Wed Jul 7 16:28:11 US/Pacific 1999

    I aint tellin u from Kis my ass county Australia <NO (at)>
    Fri Jul 2 1:18:36 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The narrative by the reporter, as well as the written narrative in the page is a riot. I read some of the complaints on this page and think those people must be living in the dark ages. I bet the whale didn’t care.
    Tyler from Indiana USA <>
    Thu Jul 1 16:53:07 US/Pacific 1999

  • The blowing up of dead whales is NOT uncommon. It’s a very serious matter, and shuld not be humored. There are now laws that make it illegal to dispose of a carcass of any kind by that means. Biologists spend time and money to dispose of the animals. If you all want to have a good laugh go **** **** ****
    biologist from Boston USA <>
    Fri Jun 18 17:53:55 US/Pacific 1999

  • It`s a long time ago I`ve seen something as pervert – maybe cause I don`t surf regularly or maybe`cause it is just sick to build up a forum for voyeurs that even don`t try realizing what they`re looking at.In this context I want to add a little note (in german):( Das Denken ist zwar allen Menschen erlaubt, aber vielen bleibt es erspart. That`s just what I think – sorry…
    Michael Schade from Hamburg Germany <Michael.Schade (at)>
    Sun Jun 13 12:53:32 US/Pacific 1999

  • Using dynamite is a time proven, accepted way of disposing of large animals. The problem with this whale story is that not enough dynamite was used to blow it into smaller chunks (gag). I can’t remember if it’s the US Forest Service or some other agency that recommends using this method on dead horses, moose, and elk. (Hey, it’s better than leaving them there to stink and rot) However, they DO recommend removing the shoes from horses first before blowing them up. I loved this story – thanks for sharing.
    Weese from Santa Fe, NM USA <lsouthard (at)>
    Fri Jun 11 13:30:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • Well, it worked in THEORY…humans can be so funny in our bumbling attempt to think things out and problem solve. This is a great site and a good read, thank you…
    Shrimp from Denver USA <>
    Thu Jun 10 9:34:17 US/Pacific 1999

  • - tracy kremer from Charlotte, NC USA <>
    Tue Jun 8 20:52:48 US/Pacific 1999

  • Ha-ha, this archive is almost as funny as the exploding whale video. My favorite notes are the ones that blame the U of O for blowing up the whale or the ones that say dynamite is a cruel method of killing whales. Give me a break people! Read the story first, then complain about it.
    Eric from Seattle USA <>
    Tue Jun 8 14:01:52 US/Pacific 1999

  • I knew native Oregonians were smart!
    Marvin from Salem Oregon USA <dparadox (at)>
    Sat Jun 5 22:47:39 US/Pacific 1999

  • Just wanted to let you know what a funny thing this whale explosion was. I’m studying Marine Biology at college and I think it’s hilarious that Mother nature got the last laugh on the almost always dumb humans. Just goes to show you that a little ingenuity can be a very dangerous thing!
    Pentacle1999 from IL USA <>
    Sat Jun 5 13:11:23 US/Pacific 1999

  • That was a crack up of a story. “Watch out for flying blubber”.
    Chuck Miller from Yacama, CA USA <n/a>
    Wed May 26 12:35:52 US/Pacific 1999

  • Well first of all i would like to note that i am an Oregonian. I was born and raised in Gold Beach Oregon and so i would now the humor behind this Whale blasting. But i just cannot bring myself to laugh out loud about that. Sure it is an odd situation but i cant help but thinking about the poor whale. I do though want to thank you for putting this on the net and giving people the knowlege of the humor oregon has, people that i hav met here in Va. think that or. is nothing but trees and mushrooms, and now they all now we have/had whales.
    breanne hall from va. beach / Va. usa <breeze (at)>
    Tue May 25 11:10:55 US/Pacific 1999

  • hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    Jim from PA USA on
    Tue May 25 9:48:50 US/Pacific 1999

  • That equation was not funny If you think its fun to blow up innocent animals then just stick dynimite in your mouth and blow yourself up!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jessica K. from Cedar lake-in USA <>
    Mon May 24 11:29:02 US/Pacific 1999

  • Very funny, I happen to live in Springfield, OR, home of the Register Guard (Eugene). This story can be easily verified. I lived through it. It was very smelly for awhile. Quite a few jokes were aimed at those in charge. Ya’ shouda been there. (here)
    catnmouse from Eugene, OR USA <>
    Sun May 23 21:52:03 US/Pacific 1999

    Fri May 21 10:41:02 US/Pacific 1999

  • Wow…..that was a whale of a story. A dynamite read if there ever was one. I believe in God again!!! Thank you, Jenny Craig.
    John Kadula from Brooklyn/New York U.S.A. <john_kadula (at)>
    Thu May 20 13:32:39 US/Pacific 1999

  • this is a hilarious site and as soon as i get a decent modem i will be downloading the movie of the great “EXPLODING WHALE” and for all of you who think this site is bad or “immoral”… lighten the hell up
    dan from BC Canada <>
    Wed May 19 22:36:17 US/Pacific 1999

  • that just kicked my ass!!!!!
    Shane Clark from raymond il <doc_71 (at)>
    Sat May 15 14:42:37 US/Pacific 1999

  • I found this incident funny but especially sad. What a tragic end! Who wants to die like that? I don’t.
    Deniz Batuk from Istanbul Turkey <>
    Thu May 13 3:32:18 US/Pacific 1999

  • i think that story was very funny. i guess in a way the highway guys had something to do which was that they could blow up very big objects. that is not to say how and where the object would go. thank you for sharing that story!
    Sarah Marshall from Temecula CA <Scoral5 (at)>
    Wed May 12 12:35:40 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Morgie from Williamsburg, Ontario Canada <smurfs_rule (at)>
    Tue May 11 19:48:54 US/Pacific 1999

  • Whales are great and their stories are also great.So, who cannot believe?
    Carl Psa from S.Paulo – S.Paulo Brazil <>
    Fri May 7 14:33:08 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that is mean to blow up a harmless animal. you could of killed a new generation of whales. just think, think of being that whale. i hate u guys. u made my hole family and propily other familys to cry. i hate this site and my kids and i will never come to this site again. we want to save the whales not blow them up because they’re over sized or just swimming around the beach. u guys are cruel, cruel, cruel, cruel people. i shall defenatly never again come to this site.
    krysta from 29 palms/CA USA <>
    Thu May 6 20:20:29 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that this is a sad state of affairs when we start to blow up whales to remove carcasses from the beaches. Even though this happened twenty years ago, it is digusting
    allison mannix from wellington New Zealand <>
    Tue May 4 22:26:24 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that this is a sad state of affairs when we start to blow up whales to remove carcasses from the beaches. Even though this happened twenty years ago, it is digusting
    allison mannix from wellington New Zealand <>
    Tue May 4 22:26:16 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that is totally wrong. We don’t blow up people when they die do we now? Bring them back out to the ocean to feed sharks or something.
    Jonathan Whalley from Pella, IA US <bub_whay (at)>
    Tue May 4 8:16:36 US/Pacific 1999

  • Whales are so fat fat and fat. When blubber flies it flies flies flies. When car roofs get dents they dent dent dent. Thank you. Mike
    Mike Hunt from Jalisco Mex/USA <y_ahoo (at)>
    Tue May 4 7:14:02 US/Pacific 1999

  • this is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen…
    Brad Wright from Portland, Oregon USA <mr_average (at)>
    Fri Apr 30 16:28:57 US/Pacific 1999

  • Whales are nice Whales eat rice Whales aren’t smellin good In little chunks the size of dice. Regards. Heywood
    heywood jablome from Ptown USA <ripspeed (at)>
    Thu Apr 29 7:43:35 US/Pacific 1999

  • I really have a like into sea animals, and I know it’s not y’alls fault but you should not have those killings of animals on line!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, ME!!!!
    Mrs.A.M.Morgantt from Houston,Texas USA <>
    Thu Apr 29 6:18:03 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that the exploding whale was pretty cool. But it is bad that the whale beached itself, so what do you do you exploding.
    Jason Corbett from Ellinwood,KS USA <Jaymoe34 (at)>
    Wed Apr 28 12:21:53 US/Pacific 1999

  • It was an interesting article, but I cant see why you had to actually blow it up.
    Kitty from MD USA <>
    Sat Apr 24 15:17:40 US/Pacific 1999

  • I dont care what others say this site is the dogs bollocks
    Anthony Howard from Essex USA <ahoward (at)>
    Fri Apr 23 13:16:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • This story made for an interesting sidetrack on a slow afternoon at work. I am continually amazed by this world and the people in it.
    Jenni Sprague from Peru, IN USA <telegenic_jen (at)>
    Fri Apr 23 10:49:51 US/Pacific 1999

  • that sucked!
    a$$ma$+er from new orleans la. USA <>
    Thu Apr 22 16:44:46 US/Pacific 1999

  • cool dude!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    yo momma from jax. fla. USA <>
    Thu Apr 22 16:41:37 US/Pacific 1999

  • That was a mean thing to do to the whales. Why would any one want to do that stuff to the whales the whales did not do any thing to the humans.
    John Smith from Jax. Fla. USA <>
    Thu Apr 22 16:37:04 US/Pacific 1999

  • I love it when engineers put there heads together !!!
    s. m. hale from weaverville nc USA <smhale (at)>
    Thu Apr 22 11:31:00 US/Pacific 1999

  • He, he, cool. Yeeah, booomh.
    JG from PQ Canada <gates99 (at)>
    Tue Apr 20 18:43:29 US/Pacific 1999

  • small world
    Testi from Nowhere Zordon <Me (at)>
    Tue Apr 20 18:43:19 US/Pacific 1999

  • He, he, cool. Yeeah, booomh.
    JG from PQ Canada <gates99 (at)>
    Tue Apr 20 18:43:29 US/Pacific 1999

  • small world
    Testi from Nowhere Zordon <Me (at)>
    Tue Apr 20 18:43:19 US/Pacific 1999

  • I loved watching the film! Chalk it up to a strange sense of humor, but I and my family got a real charge from the story of the exploding whale. Thanks for sharing.
    Christine from California USA <>
    Mon Apr 19 8:18:59 US/Pacific 1999

  • I was going to say, too the Oregon Department did not call on the explosion experts as seen in the movies. They would have told them to at least cover the poor whale with rubber mats used in explosions. At least that’s how they do it up here in Canada eh!
    Dardy from Sudbury, Ontario Canada <>
    Mon Apr 19 8:13:31 US/Pacific 1999

  • That was the funnist film I ever saw if it wasn’t so gross. Why didn’t they get in touch with an aquarium in that state to get the best ideas on how to solve the problem? Having the police do it is like calling a plumber to fix your t.v. Many thanks.
    Joel Wolfe from Sarasota,Florida USA <adeiadahba2 (at)>
    Mon Apr 19 7:49:16 US/Pacific 1999

  • SAD
    Maria from chihuahua Mexico on
    Mon Apr 19 5:12:47 US/Pacific 1999

  • Blowing up the whale is like blowing up Kosovo. BIG, DUMB, STUPID MISTAKE. The story is a keeper. Thank you.
    Sam Di Muzio from St.Augustine, Florida USA <>
    Mon Apr 19 4:44:10 US/Pacific 1999

  • I can vouch for the methods used in your page on blowing up whales. I have a friend who works for the Department of Parks and Waterways in Victoria, Australia. He was responsible for disposing of a beached whale. The method used was exactly the same as that you have illustrated. I wouldn’t have believed it either unless I had seen the 20 or 30 photo they had taken using a camera with split-second shooting. This was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.
    andrew seiter from victoria Australia <Aseiter (at)>
    Sun Apr 18 23:07:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, quoting the whale: “Oh no, not again”. (Apparently, if we knew what the whale meant by that, we would have a greater understanding of the workings of the universe) No point here, just thought it was an interesting parallel, what with the rain of whale flesh and all…
    Loren Locke from Dededo GU US (sort of) <llocke (at)>
    Sun Apr 18 22:58:56 US/Pacific 1999

  • - straykid from phx,az USA <>
    Sun Apr 18 22:16:32 US/Pacific 1999

    BROCK from BARRIE CAN <action-plus-protection (at) on.aibncom>
    Sun Apr 18 17:44:23 US/Pacific 1999

  • Love it, leave it to the bureaucrats
    deeann from westminster, SC USA <>
    Sun Apr 18 15:04:58 US/Pacific 1999

    SAM from WICHITA KS. USA <>
    Sun Apr 18 14:55:45 US/Pacific 1999

  • i think this is very funny & the video kicks A**
    jason walters from gainesville,mo. U.S.A. <waltermt (at)>
    Sun Apr 18 8:46:25 US/Pacific 1999

  • that is really discusting i mean exploding a whale now thats stupid what kinda of guy would do that ,how would you feel if you were that whale .
    jordan yung from dublin USA <laika200 (at)>
    Sun Apr 18 8:05:36 US/Pacific 1999

  • that is really discusting i mean exploding a whale now thats stupid
    jordan yung from dublin USA <laika200 (at)>
    Sun Apr 18 8:03:18 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think this exsample shows that peoples stupidity knows no international borders!
    Mirko from Ljubljana Slovenia on
    Sun Apr 18 4:06:25 US/Pacific 1999

  • Whale,whale,whale .. that’s a whale of a way to get rid of a whale!
    Richard Furneaux from Luton, Bedfordshire UK <rjfurneaux (at)>
    Sun Apr 18 3:04:06 US/Pacific 1999

  • Well now, this is definitely another prime example of what happens when someone with absolutely NO idea of what they are doing being placed in charge of a situation. Seeing as how I am a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, I could think of many ways, other than the one used, to remove the carcass. (By the way, did anyone even consider calling us?) I must admit though, that was a real “bang-up” job! The carcass was removed, a new swim-hole was created, and some guy got a convertible! Way to go to the highway department!
    Lewis from New Orleans, LA USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 23:58:46 US/Pacific 1999

  • OK, fellas, we’ve got us a situation here. A whale we gotta get off the beach. Hmmmmm. . . . . Hey! I know! Let’s just blow that sucker up. Then the gulls will clean up the mess. Yeah that’s it! Perfect. First, we’ll have to fill out Form X-22, required in all cases for blowing up a whale. Now, let’s see. . . hmmmm, where did I put those forms? Oh, here they are. I need 3 copies. OK, next we need some dynamite. We’ll need a purchase order, 3 copies. Hank, why don’t you go pick it up? Hmmmmm. . . . should we contact the EPA? That blown-up blubber could cause some problems. Naahh, those EPA guys just get in the way. A Form Y-299c will take care of them. OK, we’re using dynamite. Should we call the BATF? Naaahhh. . . those guys are hotdogs. Form H-575’ll keep them out of it. “Alright, boys, we got all the paperwork done. Let’s go blow us up a whale! Oh, and Josie, get me a cup of coffee before we go . . . .” . . . . so many questions . . . so much government . . so little time. . .one more bureacratic snafu
    C Taylor from Little Rock, AR USA on
    Sat Apr 17 22:23:57 US/Pacific 1999

  • The people of the Ore, transportation Dept apparently had no idea what they were doing when they blew up the whale with only a half ton of explosive. Not saying that I would do any better. But I would like to share a story with you that happened to me and some other people when I was in Viet Nam. I was a weapons instructor, traning Vietnamese. Shen on a Monday morning I was training some Vietnamese on the use and dangers of hand gernades. It was during the monsoon season and our gernade pit was full of water, the pit was about fifteen to twenty feet deep. The pit was on a small mound of dirt about ten to twelve feet high. Being it was Monday, mamsaun always washed our sheet and hung them out to dry. The gernade pit was only about fifty yards from our hooch and the close linf was just out side the hooch. I was explaining to my student the procedures on throwing the hand gernade, the he threw it into the pit and of course a large explosion, well along with the water and mud being thrown out of the pit also came a dud gernade that we didn’t know was in their because of all the water. As lthe student and I were getting up off the ground we heard a thud and then that was all untill we both woke up in the hospital. Well what transpired after that was we called (EOD) explosive ordance disposial, and the came over and put not one stick or pound of c-four thatis plastic explosive but forty sticks. When they set it off needless to say that the pit and water was gone. But where it went was all over mamsaun’s freshly washed sheets, well I can’t say what shes said but it was every word in anybodys book, she wasn’t happy but it was funny. We payed her extra to rewash the sheets, shse was one of the best mamsaun’s anybody could have. I can just see all the whale parts going everywhere. But the next time they will have to use more explos
    Reuben B. Goodgion from Rapid City, S.D. USA < obie1 (at)>
    Sat Apr 17 21:44:47 US/Pacific 1999

  • I don’t know why people would leave nasty notes because of that story, I think it’s interesting. Even though it has somewhat of a fatty content. cal
    Cal from Upland Ca. USA <ccooper10 (at)>
    Sat Apr 17 20:21:07 US/Pacific 1999

  • It was a great story. Really made me laugh. I suppose they won’t be blowing up any more whales ha ha!!
    Nickel from Buffalo N.Y. USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 19:04:27 US/Pacific 1999

  • being a former beachcomber from washington state, i’ve seen many dead whales along the beach. in grays harbor county(at grayland),i observed a large whale being blown away with explosives. most of the carcass landed in the surf and when the gulls returned, there was a smorgasbord of tasty morcels—-well aged, of course.
    john foley from san leandro, ca USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 16:55:50 US/Pacific 1999

  • absolutely hilarious, seeing as the whale was already dead – I’d love to see the whole video!! Many thanks
    maddie thompson from essex UK on
    Sat Apr 17 15:37:27 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Anonymous from Vernon CT 06066 USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 14:22:23 US/Pacific 1999

  • never underestimate the stupidity of a polititian,priceless,rotflol!
    Jan Frankham from Campbell River,B.C. Canada <>
    Sat Apr 17 13:36:00 US/Pacific 1999

  • In response to your whale tale-Yuck, egads what is this Jacques Couteau is possessed by NATO? This is one for the records. As a nature lover I beleive you all could have found a more eithical way to resolve the beached whale problem, like call the Marine Reserach institute?
    Lee Manley from Stamford, CT USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 11:38:47 US/Pacific 1999

  • That seemed like a really disghusting thing to do. That was probably a really big mess to have to clean up. I am really sorry that I could have not been there to see it
    Ashley from Florien La USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 10:29:25 US/Pacific 1999

  • First time on the net,and this is what I see! Can anything compare? I have to wonder what they do with elephants in India.As long as the soul is absent,a little graveside humor is to be welcomed.A “lessoning” of the load,you might say…
    Libby from Mpls,Minnesota USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 10:05:21 US/Pacific 1999

  • what a hoot !!!!!!! real planning went into that job !
    kathy waller from tx usa <butkam (at)>
    Sat Apr 17 9:54:33 US/Pacific 1999

  • I am new to the Internet and was told by many friends how much “stuff” I would find on line. Who would have guessed? I’m finding myself laughing, not at the plight of a whale corps, but at the inteligance of the people we put in charge. Got’a love the educated.
    jill from west virginia USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 9:39:53 US/Pacific 1999

  • just doing my “extended” taxed….i needed the laugh. i’ve had similar experiences with that kind of incompetence: my house was flooded, along with 70 others when the old style iron bridge downstream from us was replaced with a new “updated” concrete span. the new bridge road level is 3 feet lower than the old, has concrete supports 4-6 foot more into the edge of the creek, and has a huge concrete pier in the center of the creek. needless to say the water course is much smaller now than before. so when the deluge of snow and rain hit NE PA in jan 96, the water above the new bridge was 6-8 ft higher than below the bridge and many, many houses that never got much water in the history of their existance were inundated. PEMA ,FEMA and the county and township eventually got together and we were boughtout. but it does seem that the engineers involved would be better making dams than bridges…….or would they leak?
    Linda L from northeast Pa usa <fabrix (at)>
    Sat Apr 17 9:22:37 US/Pacific 1999

    Sat Apr 17 8:07:56 US/Pacific 1999

  • I am never shocked, but somewhat surprised, at the disgrace man brings to all his relations whether they be dead or alive.
    Cheryl Long from Martinsburg, WV USA <>
    Sat Apr 17 5:35:04 US/Pacific 1999

  • Finally! Confirmation that not all of Dave Barry’s exploding animal stories are a product of his imagination. I remember reading about the incident in his column, thinking no demolition expert could be that dumb, so the tale had to have been at least partially fabricated. Oddly, no mention of it was made on the newsprograms in Baltimore, or in its papers at the time. What a ghastly, stinking mess for people to have to clean up, is my first thought.
    sneezy from Kerrville, Tx USA <slstreck (at)>
    Fri Apr 16 23:44:00 US/Pacific 1999

  • Without a doubt, this is the most moving story I have read this year.
    M Putegnat from Brownsville, TX USA <>
    Fri Apr 16 22:04:53 US/Pacific 1999

  • Since the whale was already dead, it’s funny. For some reasson, it reminded me of the episode of “WKRP in Cincinatti” in which they dropped live turkeys from a helicopter over a shopping mall one Thanksgiving. “Oh my God, turkeys are falling like sacks of wet cement! Oh, the humanities!” and “Honestly, I thought turkeys could fly!”
    Random Chance from San Francisco USA <randomc (at)>
    Fri Apr 16 21:30:47 US/Pacific 1999

  • Yo Mama.
    Captain Ahab from Ozdooda, Kansas USA on
    Fri Apr 16 17:44:05 US/Pacific 1999

  • i needed a laugh and sure got one. loved this story.
    carol fountain from beaumont, texas USA <>
    Fri Apr 16 16:37:25 US/Pacific 1999

  • I thought it was funny. Sounds like everyone had a whale of a time!!!!!
    Debbie from Minot N.Dak. USA <>
    Fri Apr 16 14:38:36 US/Pacific 1999

  • Living in Salt Lake I have been witness to many examples of this type of narrow approach to problem solving.Remember this is the state that tried to lower the level of the Great Salt Lake by pumping the water into the dessert!I’m also surprised that people would take offence to this story being told!Keep it up it is good to be reminded that the human condition is usually hillarious if you really take an objective look at ourselvs.
    N.Gardner from S.L.C. UT. USA <>
    Fri Apr 16 14:38:25 US/Pacific 1999

  • Ahhhhhh, our public servants at work! I love this story. I’m sure hilarity of this magnitude occurs all too frequently across the world; it’s too bad we don’t get to read about it more often.
    zarafa from kent,ct USA <>
    Fri Apr 16 14:25:35 US/Pacific 1999

  • Now that is a story, wow…..It is humerous and I do like the story….Next time My sailboat is stuck or not moving, I know what NOT to do….thanks
    Rod Myers from Lenexa Kansas USA <>
    Fri Apr 16 12:21:43 US/Pacific 1999

  • I guess we have all made a few mistakes in their lives. Some make bigger ones then others……………
    Barbara Jenkins from Grapevine,Texas USA <Barbara58 (at)>
    Fri Apr 16 12:01:58 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen…
    katherine from london USA <>
    Fri Apr 16 11:09:36 US/Pacific 1999

  • And I thought Louisiana was weird…what on earth were they thinking?? I guess they never thought “what goes up must come down”. Absolutely amazing. Do you think they bothered to research how whales had been disposed of by other communities faced with the problem? Stupid question, obviously not. Oh well, I wonder if the seagulls ever bothered to return?
    Karen chustz from New Orleans, La. USA <kchustz (at)>
    Fri Apr 16 9:58:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is one of the funniest stories I have read in a long time. I cried I laughed so hard and laugh everytime I think about it.
    Jodi from St. Louis, MO USA on
    Fri Apr 16 9:49:54 US/Pacific 1999

  • I LOVE this kind of black humor… : ) Definitely worth the download.
    Robin from Los Angeles/California USA <robin.yamamoto (at)>
    Fri Apr 16 8:50:37 US/Pacific 1999

  • Great story!!!!!!! I was there and saw the whole thing. What a stink that whale made!
    Marnie from San Juan Bautista/Ca USA <dogtec (at)>
    Fri Apr 16 2:59:32 US/Pacific 1999

  • to err is human but to work for any state or federal government agency doesen’t take brains. good story
    lois barry from coquille or USA <lbarry (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 22:59:40 US/Pacific 1999

  • He he he My mother-in-law told me about the time the authorities of Long Beach Island, New Jersey did the samething in the 40’s or 50’s hehehe made the place stink for miles around lol hehehhe they never did it again you would think they would have researched it. He he he boys and their dynamite!~
    Jill Duncanson from Anchorage, Alaska USA <talktome (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 22:28:12 US/Pacific 1999

  • Absolutely hilarious! What stupid things we humans do! ROFLMAO! My sympathies to the whale’s pod. Thumbs up and a pat on the back to the idiots that thought up that scheme! Better luck next time!
    Tass from MacDowall, Sask. Canada <>
    Thu Apr 15 22:05:39 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hello I would like you to realize that the Oregon state highway patrol is a bunch of idots. Don’t you think that, that was a little to much explosives to put inside of the whale. It’s not like we are bombing the Balkans here I mean fuck what’s wrong with you stupid americans.
    Allan from St.Albert, choche city Canada <Strait_line (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 21:45:28 US/Pacific 1999

  • That whale kicked ass. Blowing it up, consequently, was probably the smartest thing the Oregon Highway patrol ever did. Ooooooohhhh. The Bear rules. Shemhamforash. Anil Pakerass. Thumbs up chief. Your the man, cool guy. That’s because…I’m an idiot.
    Chris from Edmonton, Alberta Canada <chris_0_negative (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 21:41:37 US/Pacific 1999

  • I heard that this story also happened here in Massachusetts on the South Shore of Boston. I believe this to be an urban legend
    Thu Apr 15 20:46:22 US/Pacific 1999

  • I’m just emailing to say congradulations on your article i got a good laugh out of it and so did my collegues. Mined you i just finished my lunch wich was a Tuna sandwhich and salad. I do remember this incident happening.
    Mandy Wagenaer from Gosford/N.S.W. Australia <>
    Thu Apr 15 18:43:54 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hi, I wanted to thank you for leaving the article about the exploding whale.
    unknown from chicago USA <>
    Thu Apr 15 18:15:30 US/Pacific 1999

  • They always say “truth is stranger than fiction”. How ludicrous! But Very funny. This is what happens when bureaucrats get involved. It must have been fun explaining to the insurance companies et al.
    Deanne M. Huguenel from Va Beach, VA USA <>
    Thu Apr 15 18:11:40 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think that was hilarious. I can see the seriousness of the story as well i.e. if that was my car that the carcass fell on, I might be a little peeved as well. Didn’t these people realize what would happen when the dynamite went off (what would happen to the carcass etc). Over all I do think it is a bit humorous. I don’t understand why people would respond so negatively and especially with profanity.
    Gerard Amerongen from Edmonton Canada <>
    Thu Apr 15 17:04:09 US/Pacific 1999

  • After a long day in the clinic, this was just the thing to make me laugh. What a perfect example of govt stupidity!! Thanks again.
    Thu Apr 15 16:22:50 US/Pacific 1999

  • I have heard (and seen) this story several times. It’s true that the fellow who came up with the plan was promoted within the state highway division. He declined to be interviewed for a follow up story twenty years later. Hmmmm. Anyhow, a war veteran who’d had experience with demolisions happened by that day to watch. He approached someone with the highway division to inform them that what they were doing wouldn’t work out very well. He was told that they had everything under control and to please stay out of the way. The veteran was one of the people who had their car flattened by blubber. Also, the state highway division was sought out to deal with the problem because some beaches have vehicular access and are considered “highways”. And yes, it is very, very funny!
    Randall Hogue from Portland, Oregon USA <>
    Thu Apr 15 16:02:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think this article is a riot – really get a chuckle out of some “professional” handling a situation like this. I’ll bet the video is something to behold.
    Douglas Nelson from Clinton, IA USA <nelsond (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 14:59:10 US/Pacific 1999

  • I think the idea of having this as a story for South Park or Saturday Night Live is excellent! I can just imagine seeing something like this animated for a cartoon or done as a skit for SNL. Very Funny!!!
    LazyRider from Buffalo USA on
    Thu Apr 15 14:51:45 US/Pacific 1999

  • I applaud your public service in providing this web site. One so seldom encounters others who are willing to go that extra little bit to provide the public with the results of pure investigative research like the above. I haven’t run across such a beautiful case of “What’ll happen if we… ” since I was about 9 and my slightly older brother had just gotten a windfall of Black Cat firecrackers. The same sort of inquiring minds were no doubt at work behind the whale fiasco. One wonders whose brainchild it really was, & how it may have affected their further career.
    katie york from wolfe city, tx USA <kyork (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 14:50:41 US/Pacific 1999

  • - Jeff Copeland from Columbus, Ohio USA <>
    Thu Apr 15 14:25:44 US/Pacific 1999

  • I gotta tell you, it is funny. The very idea stinks of governmental interference in its purest form…do it now and think about the outcome later. Unfottunately for the people who lived in the area, most of them probably didn’t have the same option as the seagulls.
    Mary McDowell from Lewisburg, KY USA <>
    Thu Apr 15 14:23:59 US/Pacific 1999

  • I had no idea an animal’s body would be disposed of in such a way. Amazing! Looks like lots of other people have nothing better to do either. C.
    Carol from Dallas, Texas USA on
    Thu Apr 15 12:29:07 US/Pacific 1999

  • Curse, curse, death threat, death threat! Just kidding. Hillarious tale. Iv’e come to expect this from police decisions. I’m grateful no real injury was caused.
    dbeggs from G River, BC Canada <dbeggs (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 11:29:58 US/Pacific 1999

  • Hey, did they get the idea from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”? There’s a whale in it that does the Universe’s biggest bellyflop.
    David Fawcett from Milton Keynes UK <dfawcett (at)>
    Thu Apr 15 10:36:32 US/Pacific 1999

  • great page i had a cow blow up on me one day i worked in a knackery and the cow was dead from bloat and i stuck my knife into it and i had my lighter on to see if i would get a flame i got more than a flame i nearly died the cow went bang good way to get out of cutting them up just blow them up
    John from USA <>
    Thu Apr 15 10:14:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • Great story! I hear they do the expoding thing to deer and elk carcasses in the mountins. Somehow, I don’t think the results are quite the same!
    Anita M. Rossi from Hudson, CO USA <>
    Thu Apr 15 9:19:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • Unbelieveabe. I guess nobody thought about what would happen to the whales body, it would have to blow everywhere. Not thinking i guess. good page
    judy Ball from Sulphur,La.70665 USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 20:50:32 US/Pacific 1999

  • This was so funny! Thanks for the humor!
    Karlene Gottman from Tuttle, OK USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 20:50:24 US/Pacific 1999

  • makes you wonder how they get rid of the bumps in the road. must be the same engineer that oklahoma uses.
    kevin from okla. USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 19:04:55 US/Pacific 1999

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    Julie Yeary from Kewanna,IN USA <jmysweep (at)>
    Wed Apr 14 17:10:12 US/Pacific 1999

  • Thanks for the laugh of my day. I will sit at my desk and giggle all afternoon about the way some people in management handle their troubles. Of course it always becomes someone else’s problem later….
    Nalani from Honolulu,Hi USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 15:21:37 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is simply more proof that people wind up with precisely what they deserve. Some things(like, for instance, blowing up a damn Whale) just should not happen; anyone who wants to watch such a thing is welcome to the consequences.
    Kirsten from Raleigh,NC USA <@ kkirstenc @ Hotmail>
    Wed Apr 14 14:30:00 US/Pacific 1999

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LOVE IT!!! It’s hilarious!!! I saw the video broadcast on TV a few years ago on a newsbroadcast and still remember hearing the chunks of blubber hitting everything & people saying “ooooh!!”
    Anonymous from Foster City, CA USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 13:34:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • seems to me that this whale issue was not thought through thoroughly enough… why couldn’t they have brought in large equiptment, cordoned off the entire area, and cut it up, then incinerated the pieces? that would not have been as costly as the property damage they’ve caused to this point…
    al smith from carmel, indiana us <bigal1958 (at)>
    Wed Apr 14 11:53:30 US/Pacific 1999

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    Elizbeth from MA USA on
    Wed Apr 14 11:21:31 US/Pacific 1999

  • After viewing the video of this exploding whale, I was struck with an idea. The engineer who thought of the exploding whale must have been the basis for Bill Murray’s character “Carl” in Caddyshack. Otherwise that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
    matt gangaware from boulder, co. USA <david.gangaware (at)>
    Wed Apr 14 10:13:37 US/Pacific 1999

  • I guess I have heard funnier things than this. I was anxious when I started reading and then anxious when I finish. English 101 in college is needed here.
    (anonymous) from USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 10:08:53 US/Pacific 1999

  • - (anonymous) from USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 10:05:11 US/Pacific 1999

  • Thanks, I had never heard of the exploding whale, true and wonderful….Congratulations to you for having the kind thought to share it on the web.
    Louise from Northport, NY USA <louise714 (at)>
    Wed Apr 14 10:04:29 US/Pacific 1999

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  • Who ever said engineers miscalculate? Anything Barry puts out for the enjoyment of the reader, is far too good to pass up. Way to go Barry! I moaned for hours…
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    Jen G. from Winnipeg Canada <>
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  • Only another beach resident could really get a true rip roaring laugh out of this one.My condolences to the whale’s pod but it was after death and it just goes to show you how ridiculously funny people can be. You made my day and I’m forwarding it to all my friends who need a laugh. Please bring us more.
    livia from new jersey USA <>
    Wed Apr 14 7:27:50 US/Pacific 1999

  • Can you send this to the writers of the cartoon SouthPark on Comedy Centra? They could useit for one of their shows.
    Valerio Aletti from Caracas Venezuela <>
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  • After viewing the video of this exploding whale, I was struck with an idea. The engineer who thought of the exploding whale must have been the basis for Bill Murray’s character “Carl” in Caddyshack. Otherwise that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
    matt gangaware from boulder, co. USA <david.gangaware (at)>
    Tue Apr 13 23:50:16 US/Pacific 1999

  • This is a cool site. I love the unusual things that happen.=~)
    Amy from MD USA <amyshmamy (at)>
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  • Dear Writer: I think that shows that this decision was not totally thought out. Where did they think the whale was going to go.
    Marie from Jefferson, Or 97352 USA <mariemartin (at)>
    Tue Apr 13 14:31:08 US/Pacific 1999

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  • This will be an attention-grabbing, humorous story for my son’s 6th grade current events story. Live and learn!!!
    Y.Fred from Portland USA <>
    Tue Apr 13 12:12:40 US/Pacific 1999

  • The event was clearly quite a blast. Demonstrative of some insatiable desires for the gory and outrage at the consequences of their own stupidity. I wonder who paid for the repairs. It’s rather like standing on the edge of Mt St. Helen for a good view of the predicted eruption and then filing a law suit against God for not advising them that it might ruin their day
    Stanley Bradshaw from Ottawa Canada <bradshawsr (at)>
    Tue Apr 13 12:12:29 US/Pacific 1999

  • I read this story on a trip to Bandon, Oregon and lamented that I could no longer remember which paper I read it in. I wanted to send I to all my relatives in Iowa–AND NOW I CAN! God Bless You! You’re one of the few people who truly recognized this incident for what it is! Applied Science!
    Lore Bazemore from Arcata, Ca USA <>
    Tue Apr 13 11:32:32 US/Pacific 1999

  • I gotta wonder who came up with the brilliant(I am being cynical)idea of blowing up a whale? Makes you shake your head……
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  • A wonderful story badly told. If someone tells a story and constantly tells you how hilarious it’s going to be,one expects more. Work on you story telling techniques.
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    Barbdenn from MANHATTAN USA <BARBDENN (at) AOL.COM>
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    candy bussard from phx az USA <cbussard (at)>
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    Brian Hoerauf from Saginaw, MI U.S.A. <bhoerauf (at)>
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  • - David Williams from Bournville on
    Tue Apr 13 9:10:16 US/Pacific 1999

  • A great story!! The coast of Oregon is beautiful, and I guess the whale just wanted a closer look. Too bad, it was his/her last. With so few whales, it really is a shame to lose one, but no one at fault here. Kudos to the guys for at least trying to remove it.
    Gloria W Johnson from Leesburg, Virginia USA <>
    Tue Apr 13 8:37:44 US/Pacific 1999

  • Another example of foolish authorities…cool!
    daniel northover from London GB on
    Tue Apr 13 7:59:42 US/Pacific 1999

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    Elly Walker from sunbury victoria Australia <>
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  • I saw this Video at work two years ago, and it just KILLED ME! Everyone laughed so much, we were all crying! Hey! thanks! Im downloading this. BTW. The Dodo who came up with the scheme got promoted!
    Keith Parrish from Willows Ca USA <>
    Tue Apr 13 6:32:20 US/Pacific 1999

  • The poor whale was the first thing I thought but the thought of tons of rotting flesh flying through the air made me think twice.A really cool story.
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  • Haven’t laughed so much in years Pete
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  • Well, as long as the whale was already dead by its own fin, I guess it’s okay and very funny. Yes, it IS funny. So much so, I’ve instructed my family to do the same with me when I go. May as well have some fun with it!
    Mike Sleight from Dumont, NJ USA <>
    Tue Apr 13 1:44:28 US/Pacific 1999

  • Sounds like a Texas joke to me, a whole lot of blubber.
    Ross Hyatt from Texarkana , Tx USA <>
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  • Hope those cars were rentals.
    Art from Holyoke,Ma. USA <>
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  • One of the funniest things I’ve seen or heard of in the last while. I like the quote “Here come pieces of…MY GOD”. The absurd can be quite refreshing sometimes. Thanks for the laughter.
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  • Why Not? Dynamite seems to work with anything else.
    S. Wangelin from San Juan Capistrano USA <>
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