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  • Too funny; as if anyone is trained on whale demolition. I’m surprised that someone didn’t suggest cutting it into manageable parts and pushing it through a wood-chipper. And to our dear Aussie friend: yes, we Americans are the source of amusement worldwide, but we have managed to leave you folks down-under with first place on self-inflicted ecological disasters scale.
    E A Hitchcock from Basking Ridge/ NJ USA <styleshris (at)>
    Thu Dec 27 8:41:49 2001

  • So… if I don’t like my ex-boyfriend, can I stack him full of dynamite?
    alyce from grand rapids USA
    Wed Dec 12 4:58:09 2001

  • It’s cool
    John Doe from Anywhere/ZZ USA <>
    Fri Dec 7 9:00:07 2001

  • Stunning. What can I say? It’s things like this that make us human! Thanks Robin
    Robin McNamara from London UK <robinmcnamara (at)>
    Tue Dec 4 15:53:08 2001

    fat fetus from CA USA <>
    Wed Nov 7 11:58:11 2001

  • I hate everyone. I like to blow things up.
    Jesus from NY USA <>
    Wed Nov 7 11:49:56 2001

  • I have to say that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Stupid State workers, got what they diserved. Can you belive they actualy have a colledge education. Did a blast shield ever accure to these people, I guess it is true that Orgeon is the Arkansass of the west coast. And for all of you people that like to B*tch about whales getting blown up, The people thet made this site didn’t blow the whale up. They just showed you the film. And who cares anyway it was dead. If I am ever in orgeon I hope they blow up another one so I can film it and watch it over and over again. If you dont like it mabee you can stand in for the whale.
    Jimmy from Roseville, Ca USA <J_F_Chandler (at)>
    Thu Oct 11 16:55:24 2001

  • This is about as funny as they come. The americans are the greatest source of humour for us downunda. Dumb Americans – the funny thing is – you guys will do it again – probably try and blow away some dumbass Terrorist – just use more dynamite this time and get the job done properly…
    whacko from NSW Australia
    Wed Oct 10 20:12:07 2001

  • I was shown this video many years by a friend who thought it was hilarious. I have to admit I laughed as well. When he set up the situation about the dead whale on the beach, my first question was, why not tow it back out to sea and put a weight on it… let it feed other fishes… since it’s already dead, why waste it? But then, seeing the poor thing explode… and then the rain of blood, flesh and sand… Omigod, I couldn’t quit laughing at the lack of foresight. BTW – anyone who would come to a site labelled EXPLODING WHALE and get offended – what the hell are you thinking? It SAYS Exploding Whale… did you think they didn’t mean it? DUH!
    Annigerria from Minneapolis, MN USA
    Mon Oct 8 13:00:37 2001

  • exploding whales? woteva nxt
    Keeley from New York USA <>
    Tue Sep 18 17:26:00 2001

  • My god u r a buch of f***king nutters if i ever see u i promise i will shoot the s*** out of u only kidding well done txtbac
    Angus Wallis from Beaumont England <gus_hello (at)>
    Fri Sep 14 7:46:23 2001

  • I am a whale lover and an environmentalist and I just want to say two things: First, this site is hilarious as is the story. Second, some of you people need to learn to read. Third (hey! he said two things!) be glad you don’t have to live with ODoT all the time. 🙂
    Brian from Cannon Beach, OR USA <me (at)>
    Fri Sep 7 12:13:22 2001

  • This site is hella cool! The idea of blowing up a whale is so stupid that its funny!!
    David Papworth from Beachmere, Qld AUS
    Mon Sep 3 5:01:20 2001

  • “Thar she blows”
    Ginny from Newburgh, NY USA <>
    Sat Sep 1 20:44:40 2001

  • - Charles Worth from Plymouth UK <charles.worth (at)>
    Wed Aug 29 10:02:27 2001

  • it is absolutely incredible that people are soooo stupid to comment on the inhumanity of blowing up a dead whale. Get it , it is or was dead before they blew it up. Get it please, and get a life. That is one of the most hilarious mistakes I have ever seen. Thanks for the laugh!!!
    Sandra D. from Brandon, Fl. USA <>
    Tue Aug 28 21:28:26 2001

  • Boy, this is great. I haven’t seen anything this funny in a long time. I am also sooo happy to see that there are people out there who have the same kind of sense of humor. I love you guys. Now, as to all of the whale lovers, GET A LIFE!!!!! Especially Krysta and her family, from 29 Palms, Ca. Please don’t come to this site ever again. Hurry the heck out and save some whales, and leave the dead ones to all of us cruel,cruel,cruel, cruel people, so we can enjoy ourselves. p.s. I generally can’t stand people who are so dang serious about this sort of thing, and I’m sure,[judging by what I’ve read in the feedback, that I am not alone.] I am going to watch this a couple of more times, and thoroughly enjoy myself. I feel better now. See no threats or anything. Yes, it is Lake Wales, only no whales.
    gigi from lake wales,fl. usa
    Mon Aug 27 17:29:35 2001

  • nice
    laughing from columbus/oh USA <>
    Tue Aug 21 19:52:40 2001

  • I grew up in Florence where the exploding whale took place and had just started my junior year in high school. What I remember most about this is the smell after everything had settled. As the crow flys, I lived about two miles from the site and when the cloud of oil fell on the town, the smell lasted for weeks. There was also another big whale beaching of about 40 sperm whales. I have the official pictures of this as my father was the official photographer of this beaching. These whales were burried not blown up.
    Mark E Walton from Renton WA USA <audiome (at)>
    Tue Aug 21 11:48:15 2001

  • I don’t know what is more amazing. The fact that engineers didn’t think to core the whale before blowing it up or that people are so stupid, close minded, and incapable of rational thought that they post comments like “What did the whale ever do to us” or ” I can’t believe they blew up an innocent whale.” I am forced to wonder, do these so called “humans” gifted with “intellect” realize that a corpse is a corpse? The whale; I guarantee, didn’t care one bit that it was exploded by incompetant engineers. Sometimes I wish certain people would turn in their Membership Cards to the human race. They long ago didn’t renew.
    Matt Ragan from Lewisville, TX USA <>
    Sat Aug 18 16:49:54 2001

  • I have just reviewed your extremely informative site: It is indeed a public service. I feel it my duty to advise you and anyone else reading this site, that I am a lawyer from the Los Angeles area ( My practice includes government property damage claims, and I am prepared to handle any such litigation very capably. In short, if you have been injured by exploding whale debris, YOU HAVE RIGHTS.
    Thomas P. Cotrel from Burbank, California USA <tcotrel (at)>
    Fri Aug 17 21:50:55 2001

  • Can you give the option to view the exploding whale on a sequence
    Caleb Moore from W.A Australia <>
    Fri Aug 17 1:47:17 2001

  • I don’t know how my wife found this site but I’m glad she did. I was in an accident {not my fault) was disabled, lost my job, feeling sorry for myself, etc. When I read and viewed the items about exploding the whale I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Being an ex-farm boy I know how difficult it is to dispose of dead animals. Lightning struck the fence that several cows were near killing them all. We spent several days digging holes big enough to bury them. Thomas Malcom Washington, Il
    Thomas Malcom from Washington, Il. USA <>
    Tue Aug 14 12:16:38 2001

  • I just wish that SCTV could have gotten this in time for their “farm report” series in which John Candy and Joe Flaherty used to “blow up” people, places and things. (“He blowed up good!….He blowed up REAL good”
    Julian M Menter from Atlanta, GA USA <menterj (at)>
    Mon Aug 13 9:22:41 2001

  • man that is great i never knew about that till now i just wish i oculd of seen it in person( i would of brought a rain coat)
    Jonathan Murrau from PA USA
    Sat Aug 11 20:10:41 2001

  • exploding whales are one thing but empty chinese salad promise turkey is so !!!
    fergustyg from N’land UK <no i quit>
    Sat Aug 11 11:36:19 2001

  • I think we would have gotten the details without actually seeing the picture.Only in America.
    brenda paschall from lewisville USA <>
    Fri Aug 10 23:10:46 2001

  • man that is great i never knew about that till now i just wish i oculd of seen it in person( i would of brought a rain coat)
    Jonathan Murrau from PA USA
    Fri Aug 10 20:13:24 2001

  • To ‘sweeti_sami’ of Minneapolis. You’re not so sweet, or such a good speller either. I mean, come on: “I hope you were all abused as childreh (sic)”. You cite God as an intervening presence but then wish kind of thing on people at random – I don’t think that’s very Godly, or even reasonable language – do you? Plus you’re forgetting that the whale was not killed with “dinomite (sic)” – it was already dead of natural causes. Plus, the humour is actually surrounding the incompetence of the Highway crew in disposing of a dead whale carcass, not directed in any way at the idea of blowing up live whales!
    Tim Gow from London UK <timgow (at)>
    Wed Aug 8 8:41:07 2001

  • Does anyone know where I can find a clip of the South African whale being blown up? That would be cool.
    bookabooka from Edinburgh Scotland <booka (at)>
    Wed Aug 8 7:32:43 2001

  • To all the people who complain about this site: get a life! These guys didn’t blow up the whale, the guys with the dynamite did. The whale was already dead, and felt no pain. Jesus, calm down. Oh, and learn to spell. I have never read so many spelling mistakes in my life.
    bookabooka from Edinburgh Scotland <booka (at)>
    Wed Aug 8 7:31:08 2001

  • Just can’t believe this report. Thought it was a spoof at first but it soon sank it it was a true event. Hard to comprehend the lack of common-sense applied to the situation. It was like Homer (from the Simpsons, not ‘The Iliad’) had been given charge of the clear-up. The cries of the spectators then the wet splatter of exploded rotting whale blubber particles (like the raining frogs in the film ‘Magnolia’) is pure hilarity. A classic.
    Tim Gow from London UK <timgow (at)>
    Wed Aug 8 7:04:12 2001

  • If you think exploding a dead whale is awful, here in South Africa we have gone one better! Last weekend (Sunday August 5)officials of the Marine and Coastal Management decided it would be humane to blow up a LIVE humpback whale, that had beached itself near Port Elizabeth. To be fair, according to press reports “the whale had been lying on the beach for so long it had already suffered internal damage – it was clearly in great pain and the decision was taken to end its suffering”. Apparently authorities tried for nine hours to get it back into the sea.
    Lucille from Cape Town South Africa <lupark47 (at)>
    Wed Aug 8 4:40:23 2001

  • - Elroy Haasbroek from Johannesburg South Africa <>
    Wed Aug 8 2:10:33 2001

  • You are very mean people. WHale are a beautifl one of God’s creatures. If somebody needs to get blowd up, it is all you mean people that think killing whale with dinomite is funny. you people should get fed to whale for whale food. it will serve you right to get eaten by the whale. and God wont rescue you like Jonah because you wanted to blow up God’s beautiful craeture, whales. I will never reed this site ever again. I hope you all were abused as childreh. That will explain your cruel inhuman natures.
    Samantha from Minneapolis/MN USA <sweetie_sami (at)>
    Wed Aug 1 11:13:05 2001

  • - Nate from Salt Lake City USA <ntamil (at)>
    Tue Jul 31 14:03:55 2001

  • AUSTRALIAN EXPLODING WHALE ————————– Thats right, true blue Aussies everywhere will be thrilled to know that we are going to have our very own exploding whale. Here is the article, from the Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Bomb squad to blow up dead whale ‘shark attraction’ A dead Southern Right whale which has become an attraction for tourists wanting to see great white sharks feed is being towed out to sea to be blown up. People have hired boats to watch the sharks bite into the Southern Right whale carcass – some have even clambered onto the carcass with children. Last week, the carcass was towed and anchored near Kangaroo Island after concerns were raised about being deemed to be an environmental hazard. Today, Transport SA enlisted the police bomb squad’s help to finally sink the carcass.. advertisement advertisement Transport SA spokesman Arndrae Luks said it was feared the whale carcass would become a hazard to shipping or pleasure craft and also pose an environmental hazard. “The carcass could take a number of months to decompose and if allowed to remain could wash up on a public beach, presenting an environmental hazard,” Mr Luks said today. “This presents an unacceptable risk to public safety. “Advice from environmental authorities and the police is that we may be able to open up the carcass using a small charge, which we hope will cause it to sink or at least speed up its decomposition – allowing sharks and other marine creatures to dispose of it in the natural way.” Police bomb experts would place the charges on the carcass before it was towed into the Southern Ocean, about four nautical miles from where
    Bhautik Joshi from NSW Australia <bjoshi (at)>
    Mon Jul 30 4:23:03 2001

  • I dont think it was the smartest way to take care of the whale problem, but it was definitely the most interesting. Anyone who thinks that blowing up a dead whale to rid the beach of the carcass is inhumane should probably quit whining about a dead sea creature and look down the street at the homeless people or needy. How many of you that complain about the cruelty volunteer at your local shelter? Leave the bitching for your community PETA meeting and enjoy the sheer humor and interest this video brought up, wasn’t it curiousity that brought you to see this site and video in the first place? p.s. I kill whales for fun. (But you probably missed the humor in that too)
    Mike Saunier from Pittsburgh USA <mrsst71+ (at)>
    Sat Jul 28 18:21:55 2001

  • - Janie Naughton from Upland, CA USA <janiesaisquoi (at)>
    Thu Jul 26 19:53:26 2001

  • Does anybody know the date that this all happened. The whale blowing up and all.???
    Brad from edmonton Canada
    Thu Jul 26 12:43:28 2001

  • It only takes 2 pounds of dynamite, properly placed, to lift a small car off the ground. So you must wonder what the highway patrol engineers were thinking. You know they must of done that for kicks and to get rid of the carcass really fast. After I die I hope to be set adrift on gasoline soaked wooden boat that would be set on fire in a viking type funeral.
    Marvin from Omaha/Ne USA <mgriffel (at)>
    Tue Jul 24 1:44:53 2001

  • We had another whale wash up this year, they burried in the sand on the beach this time.
    ed from port/ore USA <>
    Fri Jul 13 2:43:38 2001

    kevin from tx USA <kevinsuncrest (at)>
    Fri Jul 13 0:09:00 2001

  • Exploding whale .what a bunch of dummys .to think these people even think like that,how would they like a dead family member blown up lol .maybe they need more work to do on the highways .ps. send them the bill?
    gary wilder from fremont ,ca USA <>
    Thu Jul 12 23:36:17 2001

  • A simple formula is at work here : giant creatures plus novel forms of dispatch equals hilarity
    baz from Rock City Australia <dfbdfg (at)>
    Thu Jul 12 6:01:29 2001

  • This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! When I die, I hope I go out like that. To all you people who think us “Yanks” are stupid – you’re right. That’s how we got to be a world power.
    Sarah from North Carolina USA <typhoidsarah (at)>
    Thu Jul 12 0:04:57 2001

  • I think that blowing up nice whales is really mean. Instead of blowing it up, they should have brought it back to life. THAT woulda been cool. Or at least they should have left it to rot and fester and decay. Na, nevermind, they shoulda blown it to bits like they did. Otherwise, I would never have gotten the pleasure of watching this video. Just a note to all the bleeding hearts. Shaddup
    Insane Whale Lover from Redcity, Mars USA <nope (at)>
    Mon Jul 9 1:58:29 2001

  • STILL laughing. C’mon all you whale-freaks, tell me you didn’t find this at all amusing. Now if I could only find a better copy of the video…..
    Patrick from Cincinnati, Ohio USA <RPatrick100 (at)>
    Tue Jul 3 13:48:53 2001

  • Hi, I am pleased I found this report. I recall seeing the “fun” on TV new in Kamloops BC where I was living at the time. Long forgotten, I recently recalled the incident but people I mentioned it to were sceptical and I was starting to wonder if perhaps I had dreamed it! Thanks for confirming my not always faultless memory!
    Peter Cowan from Nelson New Zealand <>
    Sun Jun 24 4:30:42 2001

  • You assholes are unhumane! It’s murder! You should be sent to jail! Whales are beautiful creatures that deserve to be in this world. Even though it was already dead, it deserved to die with dignity. Tell you what, if you like seeing blubber flying e verywhere, why don’t you take that piece of dynamite and stick it up your ass? God bless you- and I hope that you’re praying every night and hope that the next thing blowing up isn’t your mental, useless, full of s*** brain. You hermephedites are a disgr ace to humans! And for all you people who think it’s FUNNY, go see a doctor cause you need your retarded heads checked out…. bastards.
    Louise from BC Canada <>
    Sun Jun 17 16:37:43 2001

  • - matthew ash from wales United Kingdom <mash (at)>
    Fri Jun 15 13:54:40 2001

  • I think exploding whales is wrong. It’s not right. Not only is it cruel, it’s murder. For all the whale hunters you should be ashamed. Because they didn’t ask to be brought into the world, and thier not asking to be took out.
    Pebbles from Sebastian fl USA <>
    Thu Jun 14 10:43:00 2001

  • I found this sight and many others concerning the exploding whale very interesting. Whales are the most beautiful living creatures and I still found these sights very interesting and meaningful.
    Jen from Jamesburg USA <>
    Sat Jun 2 22:43:56 2001

  • stop making up these comments you silly fools
    Ryan Mainprize from ont Canada <>
    Thu May 31 10:35:03 2001

  • Despite the moral and ethical questions surrounding the violent demise of the creature, it blows (pun intended) a wave of desperately needed humor into this tragically uptight nation. I’m not advocating the destruction of more whales in this fashion, but we should, at the least, consider more creative ways of dealing this this problem. Perhaps a catapult to fling it back into the sea? Or a death ray from space? Not too many whale problems in Colorado, so perhaps I do not know what I am talking about? If this happened out here, it would have been made into Sushi.
    John Evans from Boulder, Co USA <lisilong (at)>
    Wed May 16 12:55:52 2001

  • To the exessively sentimental guardians of the whale…No, I don’t care what happens to my body when I die. I will never know and it won’t change a thing about my current situation. I think I can speak the same for the whale. Always glad to know th e behavior police are around to make sure people don’t enjoy themselves too much. I remaind unmindful of your criticism. In response to this site. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!
    abigail from tacoma, wa USA <>
    Thu May 10 14:45:48 2001

  • - Bruce MacDonald from Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands <compass (at)>
    Mon May 7 16:35:01 2001

  • XLNT
    LEAH from BRADFORD United Kingdom <>
    Mon Apr 30 8:03:22 2001

  • Yes, every year here in Oregon we celebrate The Exploding Whale Show Anniversary with glee. Our local television stations replay the pyrotechnic event at every opportunity leading up to the festive occasion, and our local markets abound with fr esh blubber steaks and tasty puree du Mammalia. T-shirts, posters, coffe cups, colorful computer mouse pads, along with a multitude of other Mammalian sounenirs are always available to the thousands of Exploding Whale cultists who flock each year to t he beaches here in Oregon – hoping beyond hope that another whale carcass will beach itself on our forensic shores. Unfortunately we Oregonians have yet to have the host pleasure of repeating this unique event , but who knows – hope springs eternal! < p> Best wishes to all EW fans from Oregon – Home of The Exploding Whale.
    Hammond Guthrie from Portland, Oregon USA <writenow (at)>
    Wed Apr 11 12:13:12 2001

  • Yes sir, That there was HI-larious. Yep. That there whale blowed up REAL GOOD. Ross Perrot
    Ross Perrot from Houston, TX USA <rossperrot (at)>
    Tue Apr 10 21:14:55 2001

  • Arguably the Greatest thing since the guinea fowl.
    Mike Maughan from Orillia, Ontario Canada <mrboourns (at)>
    Fri Apr 6 12:42:25 2001

  • Arguably the Greatest thing since the guinea fowl.
    Mike Maughan from Orillia, Ontario Canada <mrboourns (at)>
    Fri Apr 6 12:42:18 2001

  • What a small world we live in. My son just called from Cuesta College in San Louis Obispo California. They had a quest speaker in their jounalism class today that showed the video of the infamous exploding whale story and showed clips of reporters int erviewing the gentleman who warned against the use of dynomite only to have his very car demolished by a huge chunk of blubber.I was a Telephone Technician in the Coast Guard at the time of this event stationed in Empire,Oregon (next to Coos Bay). We rece ived a ctrouble call from the Coast Guard stations to the North of Coos Bay indicating that all teletype and private Coast Guard telephone lines were out. As we headed north, we figured a tree had fallen through the lines or perhaps a car had taken out a pole. We had no idea as to what we would see when we arrived. As it turned out, a chunk of blubber had not only flattened a car but another chunk had wiped out our communications lines just yards away from the smashed car. My son couldn’t believe it! I wa s there!
    Philip Smith from Tehachapi CA USA <psmith (at)>
    Thu Mar 22 1:24:11 2001

  • That was absolutely hysterical. Thanks for making this available!
    Nancy from Pittsburgh, PA USA
    Wed Mar 21 11:38:33 2001

  • That was Totally Raunchy!!! That rocked!!!
    Alex from Cheyenne, WY USA <Lexysosexy (at)>
    Sun Mar 11 17:49:26 2001

    BLAIR from TEXAS USA <BER6683 (at) AOL.COM>
    Tue Mar 6 14:40:39 2001

  • Sweet, big whale go BOOM!!!!!
    Al Coholic from Vernon Usa <SlEdFrEaK14 (at)>
    Wed Feb 14 9:11:04 2001

  • i think its cool and that we should have more stuff like that on the internet
    catherine from london united kingdom <>
    Wed Feb 14 5:08:19 2001

  • Oh my god!!!! That was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. It was like the movie blow up scenes where all the stuff comes splashing….
    Polemarchus from RIVERSIDE, CA USA <remiucr (at)>
    Tue Feb 13 5:45:12 2001

    Australians RULE from Brisbane the GREATEST PLACE IN THE WORLD Australia <sc_hornetamf (at)>
    Mon Feb 12 4:21:47 2001

  • - Otis Muscuello from Miami FL USA <>
    Sat Feb 10 14:07:14 2001

  • Verrry funny. I have always suspected that a lot of so called “urban legends” have a basis in fact. Here is one.
    Lloyd Stambaugh from Kenmore, NY USA <lwstambaugh (at)>
    Fri Feb 9 9:53:19 2001

  • Indians don’t like the taste of cheese. The Makaw tribe is currently fighting for their “right” [read: liscence] to hunt whales according to their 100 year-old treaty. I’ve found that speaking with Makaws about smothering their catch with mountains of cheese makes them think. But I couldn’t possibly compete with *this* cheesy story….!
    Richard Broman a.k.a. Finn McCool from Seattle WA USA <bn561 (at)>
    Tue Feb 6 17:46:29 2001

  • Yee-ha! I only surfed the archive briefly, but I was stunned when I did not immediately see notes saying “oh no, not again!” Where are all the Douglas Adams fans?
    lloret from Lancaster/SC USA <lloretj (at)>
    Mon Feb 5 20:03:03 2001

  • A triumph. I recently relocated from the UK and have been to the very site where the whale failed to be cleared from. Not that I knew it at the time, but hey – I can say I’ve been. The Whale Story has to be one of my favourite examples of the idiocy o f man (esp the ODoT), and I want to thank you for the trouble you went to in making all the resources available. A great site and a great use of QuickTime.
    Alan Bates from Springfield, OR USA <alan (at)>
    Mon Feb 5 17:16:30 2001

  • This is an unfortunate sight/site to see. Blowing up a whale? C’mon, people. There are more humane and less messy ways to deal with the problem. And to the person who said the whale would blow up naturally – I have yet to see a carcass blow up the way dynamite blew up the one in the clips. I really hope this is the only time this messy clean-up method was ever used. (What a contradition of terms!) And besides – would any of us want to see our bodies disposed of in a manner such as this when we die? I doubt it.
    Smiles from southeastern Ontario Canada <skyglider (at)>
    Mon Feb 5 14:55:26 2001

  • well ummm…words quite escape me!! i fell upon this website by accident and although i burst into laughter at the though of a dead whale blowing up i realised afterwards how unfortunate and disrespectful that it had to happen..i mean it doesnt matter that the whale’s dead..its still wrong..i mean how would you like it if one of your parents died and then they had to be blown up for environmenatl safety…its just too cold blooded for my liking..
    sophie from Essex, england United Kingdom <>
    Thu Feb 1 4:16:01 2001

    Devon from Cork Ireland <Devon41 (at)>
    Tue Jan 30 7:15:36 2001

  • I have to say that I stumbled on this at 3am and laughed my ass off! Just what I needed to cap off the worst day ever. Thank you Mr. Barry for a good laugh.
    Tessulls from Pburg,WV USA <>
    Sun Jan 28 2:48:52 2001

  • I think that exploding the whale was unnessasary and cold hearted, even though it was dead they should of disposed of it in a certian way that wouldn’t of caused such a commotion
    leese from Somerset England
    Thu Jan 25 6:41:07 2001

  • I’m 16, and in 10th grade. I was innocently looking for a science fair project, when I came accross this site. And thankyou, it’s brightened my evening!! An exploding whale.. that’s comedy.. and it’s real… which makes it funnier. Ok, so mabey I’ ll do my project on exploding things, and use this as an example!!
    Krystyna from NY America <colnoin (at)>
    Thu Jan 18 18:55:44 2001

  • Hilarious as the idea of blowing whales up is, I have to add that whales exploding is a quite natural occurence. A whale that is stranded, and dies, will quickly begin to digest itself from the inside, resulting in a buildup of methane gas. If nothing is done to releive the carcass of the gas, it will eventually blow up one its own!
    Lasse Hoegh from Aalborg Denamrk <stuvq (at)>
    Thu Jan 18 11:52:39 2001

  • LOL… this was hilarious!!! My friend told me about it two years ago, but I have just not gotten to see it… I guess we have to thank the town of Oregon for this one… so thanks Oregon for your entertainment and lack of intelligence!
    Cass from San Antonio USA <CassBee (at)>
    Thu Jan 18 9:56:15 2001

  • just wanted to say that when i first saw the whale blow up–i couldn’t stop laughing! It has got to be the best thing i hae ever seen
    j. prater from indy,IN usa
    Tue Jan 9 8:52:36 2001

  • i am a newspaper editor who lived in ocean city, maryland for four years. according to old published reports, the same thing happened in ocean city, back before the second world war. the blast littered the town with chunks of rotting whale flesh. and from what the newspaper said, the town smelled like rotting flesh for the next 10 days because much of the stuff landed on rooftops where people couldn’t get to it to clean it off.
    joe harris from virginia beach, virginia USA <>
    Mon Jan 8 11:46:29 2001

  • Oh this is hillarious, reminds me of a time when a job had to be done, it was done. No screwing around, no worrying about the under-advantaged, or what was politically correct.
    Guy from Sacramento usa
    Mon Jan 8 9:28:27 2001

  • Granted, too much Whale violence nowadays…granted, it is cruel how people handle animals i our times…but here is a little detail most people seem to have forgotten: THE WHALE WAS DEAD!!!! IT WAS NOTHIN’ BUT A PIECE OF BLUBBER!!!
    Sascha from NowheresVille Earth
    Sun Jan 7 12:41:08 2001

  • I find it a poor sort of human to think that the used amount of dynamite could blast that dead fish (or whatever) to pieces small enough–and forget that the seagulls might not be pleased by the blast and pressure… But I find it even a poorer sort of human unable to find the humor in this incident and pepper this very nice site with ridiculous comments as it has happened before…the thing was dead fercryinoutloud!! Who cares if ya blow it up or cut it to pieces!!< p> Greetings, Alec PS: During the Falkland War it is said that both UK as well as Argie torpedoes and charges blew up whales … live-ones!! PS2: Anybody ever read a novel called The Hitchhickers Guide To The Galaxy?? Talk about a blown up whale!!
    Alec Corday from Jarabacoa Dominican Republic <corday (at)>
    Sun Jan 7 12:35:06 2001

  • My god, How stupid could the engineers get? You should know that if you use that much dynamite it’s gonna blow everywhere. What a hilarious story. Whales aren’t supposed to be blown up, they’re supposed to be pushed back into the ocean and just let th e sharks eat them. Who the hell has heard of seagulls eating a whale???
    Aaron from WB from wilmington/NC USA
    Sun Jan 7 11:06:47 2001

  • Ha! Ha ! Poor whale , poor humans !
    jasin from Myrtle Beach SC USA
    Sun Jan 7 10:24:16 2001

  • I find this very mean and horrible. I luv whales, they are my fav mammal in the world. I also collect ornaments,photos & posters etc. I hate how people kill them for meat.
    Sarah Cameron from Christchurch New Zealand <luvwhales (at)>
    Thu Jan 4 17:50:05 2001

  • This is horrific…bad taste indeed! I live on the coast so I know exactly what you’re failing to mention, and I don’t blame you as it’s too awful to even contemplate. The backside to this story, the one you conveniently overlook, is that a spectato r of the incident was sent into a coma for 2 weeks when he was smashed on the head, and this is the sad part, with a wooden leg which had apparently been hidden in the bowels of the great beast. The more immature were making snide comments like it was Pi nnochio’s or Captain Ahab’s. However, the leg had “Made in Japan” written on it, so of course that rules out those two unfortunates as victims. Therefore, we don’t know, and probably never will, who this leg belongs too, but it’s a sad commentary on the incompleteness of your reporting. Blowing up a whale is one thing, and there certainly is nothing wrong with it, but getting knocked unconscious with a wooden leg is quite another thing altogether.
    RockChuk from Gold Beach, OR USA <>
    Tue Jan 2 14:29:05 2001